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Institute and researchers

Director of research institute

Hiroshi Nakatsuji Director: Hiroshi Nakatsuji

The purposes of the quantum chemistry research institute are to construct and spread the truly predictive and useful quantum chemistry with innovative methodologies. The activities of the institute are led by full-time researchers as the central core of the quantum chemistry research institute.

Research division

Division one

Research leader: Hiroshi Nakatsuji
  • Construction and realization of quantum principles as truly predictive science
  • Quantum chemistry involving excited states
  • Theory for the directly determination of the density matrix
  • Surface chemistry for solid catalysts
  • Force concept in chemistry
  • Quantum magnetic chemistry

  • Division two

    Research leader:
    Theme:Construction of the relativistic quantum chemistry. Development of the SAC-CI method.

    Division three

    Research leader: Tomoo Miyahara
    Theme: Quantum chemistry for giant systems. Theoretical fine-spectroscopy: circular dichroism spectroscopy.

    Division four

    Research leader: Hiroyuki Nakashima
    Theme: General method for analytical solutions of Schroedinger and Dirac-Coulomb equations

    Research fellow

    Annika Bande

    Sergiy Bubin

    Tao Fang

    Research assistant

    Yusaku Kurokawa

    Atsushi Ishikawa

    old colleague

    Ryoichi Fukuda (Institute for Molecular Science, Research Center for Computational Science)

    Research office

    Yuko Itoh